Data Science 101 for the Social Sciences and Humanities provides an introduction to the field of data science for social scientists and students of the humanities. The course covers topics such as data manipulation, data visualization, text mining and hypothesis testing. We will primarily use the statistical programming language R, but we will also learn the basics of Python and how to use it in conjunction with R. No prior knowledge of programming or statistics is required.

The course consists of theoretical foundations, presented during the lectures. The content of the lectures and labs on Wednesday and Thursday are identical. However, enrollment in HIS/LSF is mandatory (IDs 1012301 and 1012302). Course slides will be in English. Lectures will be given in either English or German, depending on the wishes of the groups. 

The  inscription key to the Moodle room will be given on the first day of the lecture. Grading will be based on a 90-minute written exam at the end of the semester.

On Wednesday, classes and tutorials will take place in the meeting room of the computer centre (Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 18), 1st floor. Please bring your own laptops on Wednesday. Contact Philipp Adämmer if this is not possible to organize a replacement. 

On Thursday, classes and tutorials will take place in the computer room of the computer centre (Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 18), ground floor. You will not need your own laptop on Thursday.