General information on creating/requesting courses in the learning management system Moodle

Users require extended permissions to be able to create courses in Moodle. These are usually awarded (upon request!) to lecturers, contract lecturers and/or student assistants for the respective faculty/chair. If you have already been granted the required permissions, you do not need to submit a request for the creation of a new course.

Anyone who does not have the above-named permissions can submit requests for courses at the click of a button. The corresponding button can be found in each of the course categories, at the bottom of the list of individual courses or categories.

Alternatively, you can access the request form here:

Course Request

Information on requesting courses

When requesting a course, please indicate the desired course category. If the course cannot be assigned to a category within the existing structure, please use the field for explaining why you are requesting a course. In order to reduce the amount of required typing, you can also enter the class number (HIS/LSF) or a corresponding link into the field for explaining the request. When you send the request, it will be forwarded automatically to the system administration.

If you require help with requesting or configuring Moodle courses, please either get in touch with the Computer Centre as named below or use the instructions on the University Computer Centre’s pages.

If you would like some individual advice on suitable use of digital technologies in your teaching, please make use of the offers provided by the Digital Education Team.

Instructions and support


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